And the Scribeys winners are...

Posted by Daniel Mehmet on October 9, 2019
Daniel Mehmet


Oodles of great scribes were entered and heaps of votes were cast. And now the waiting is over. Did your favourite video scoop a VideoScribe Community Award? Ladies and gentlemen, meet your Scribeys winners...

Best Supporting Education Scribe

The nominees in this category each made an outstanding contribution to learning. But there was one shiny star pupil...

Chris Brady for the Carolinas HealthCare System

Here’s what the judges had to say about HeartMonth15:

HeartMonth 15 reveals why you would choose whiteboard animation to teach an audience. It's a compelling story that makes you listen and care. The uncluttered and characterful illustrations imbue it with continuity and class, working well with the thoughtful script and music.

Best Scribe in a Business Performance

Scribe animations make business fun - as the shortlisted videos in this category prove. But one performance had stacks of fun factor...

Ug's Fright Before Christmas
Robbie Short for Robbie Short Illustration

Why did Robbie's video stand out for our judges?

UG's Fright Before Christmas made us smile. The seamless combination of strong script and beautiful, disciplined illustrations creates an original and delightful scribe. It draws so well, displaying a technical deftness that left us wondering how it had been done. A subtle but winsome approach to marketing.

Best Original Scribe - Judges Choice Award

This award recognises a brilliantly original use of VideoScribe - something fresh and bursting with character. Your winner doesn't disappoint...

How to Throw a Boomerang
David Barneda

What makes David's scribe a winner?

How to Throw a Boomerang just charmed us to bits. It made us want to run outside with a boomerang to try it out straight away. The illustrations are fantastic and the tone set perfectly by the didgeridoo and strong voiceover. It's utterly convincing – and funny to boot.

Congratulations to David, Robbie and Chris! And a massive thank you to all of you for entering and voting.

Here's a lovely parting message from our esteemed judges:

We had a hard time choosing the winners of the inaugural Scribeys awards. We were comparing scribes made for completely different contexts. 'Educa Digital 2014' is a great example of scribing a story to life for education. 'Story about a designed way of working together' is completely different, making a corporate theme human and fun. In the end we picked scribes where all the elements combine to lend a bit of magic to their subjects.

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