6 Places to Use Video Marketing on Your Website

Posted by Guest Contributor: Jason Chow on April 28, 2022
Guest Contributor: Jason Chow

Have you heard of a picture worth a thousand words? Oh yes, this phrase rings true in all senses. As much as many of us love to read, nobody can deny that viewing a video can, at times, do the job better than a bunch of text. Hence, this explains the popularity of video marketing.  

What is Video Marketing?


The US digital video advertising expenditure from 2019 to 2023 (Source: Statista)

Video marketing typically involves the creation of branded video content, using it to promote your products and services to a targeted audience. The purpose is to educate and convey your core message while encouraging more engagement on your digital channels to drive more business and increase conversion rate.

Videos are more of a direct approach and an effective medium to connect faster with your customers; many find it easier to digest videos than a lot of text. If done right, videos can be educational, entertaining, and engaging. You can design your videos to be conversational and actionable too. 

A successful video marketing strategy requires in-depth research and planning. You also need to publish your videos in the right places on your digital channels timely. Of course, your video content has to be relevant, available, and meaningful, not forgetting the entertainment factor to snare people’s attention. 

That said, make sure your website's performance is tip-top to support the extra load of video content.  


6 Places to Use Video Marketing on Your Website

Your website is the pulse of your business. After all, this is where anyone interested first visits. So, you have to create an excellent first impression when your audience lands on your website. And your marketing team has designed the relevant strategies, and your website is ready to roll.

Next, you deploy a video marketing effort and produce a series of videos to help your marketing cause, and you are eager to include them on your website pages. 

Where are the strategic areas on your website that best house your videos?

1. Background Videos on Landing Pages


Background Video utilized by Lumira Studios on their landing page (Source: LumiraStudio)

Movements intrigue the human mind. If you were to visit a static website or one with a video as its background, which do you think most would prefer? The latter. You’d be surprised at the effect videos can have on the ambiance of your website. Placing a video on your landing page can help retain your audience by leaving a good first impression. 

Such videos can alter the atmosphere of your website by telling a unique story in a more fun way yet subtly powerful enough to speak to the hearts of your audience; this is how you can improve customer engagement. These videos typically tell a quick story of your brand.

The Way to Do It

Use a video that showcases your unique differentiator from others. Its core message must jive with the overall message of your brand. Do not hide your video in some corner of your landing page, as it will lose its use and appeal. Allow your video to take center stage at the top of your home page for optimum effect. 

However, be careful not to make the video the hero. It should play a supporting role and aid your message and unique selling points. 


2. Explainer Videos on Landing Pages

Like background videos, explainer videos are on the landing page. However, they usually reside at the bottom of the page. While the background videos are more of an introduction, the explainer videos dive into more details on who you are, your business, and what makes you stand out.

These videos are essential for those who wish to quickly find out more about you, as they explain where your business is at, what products you have, and what problems you address. The purpose of these videos is to help you be a unique contender in the market.

The Way to Do It

Explainer videos must have a straightforward and clear script. Using suitable animation with rich information for your videos is pivotal to making them captivating. Focus on the problem per se and solution and include an attractive Call-to-Action (CTA). Use personal pronouns; you want to speak directly to the viewer. Show that you sincerely care.


3. Product Pages


A video on the product page of LumiraStudio on the best solar-powered street lights that are low-cost and robust (Source: LumiraStudio)

It has been common practice to sport text-based and static product pages. After all, these are products, and the general perception is that they need to be 'serious' and techy. Things have changed as many are looking into showcasing their products, their benefits, and also the ‘hows’ via videos. They find that videos can explain better and faster to the audience.

So, instead of presenting an uneventful product page to your audience, why not venture into putting up educational videos instead? After all, this is a pretty effective way to catch your audience's attention and more.

The Way to Do It

You need to highlight the key points that make the product stand out. Focus on the what, whys, and hows. You may want to incorporate the keywords and make them stand out in the videos so that the salient points stick better to the viewers’ minds.   


4. Testimonials Pages

Many sales are closed just because the buyer has seen a video of a customer’s testimonial. These are social proof videos that showcase real customers’ experiences and journeys with you. Never underestimate the power of a video of this nature, as your audience can personally see it in action. 

They also get to see a customer vouch for you; this has the maximum effect. Chances are such testimonials, which are actual events, can resonate better with your audience. A video can convince and hook them in faster.

The Way to Do It

It is not that difficult to create such a video. Make sure you have a good script. Include the client’s problems and how you helped to solve them. Focus on the result of your solution implementation and how it helped turn things around for your client. Then end with your client recommending your business.


5. Knowledge Base 

Many tend to ignore the knowledge base and FAQs, as their focus is on other more frequented web pages. You cannot ignore the needs of those who are more tech-savvy or are already further down the sales funnel. They need a place to satisfy their hunger for answers to their many unanswered questions. 

Do not forget that this audience needs that little yet crucial extra nudge to complete the sales. Nowadays, nobody would spend time scouring the many pages of a technical manual. It would be good to include technical videos on such pages. 

Those who want to understand more about your product would find watching a video more educational and faster. A simple step-by-step video could be the deciding factor in a sale. An existing customer who needs some support could easily find the solution by checking out your educational videos. 

Not only do you close more sales, but your support line is less loaded. For example, you run a security product business that ensures privacy, and an existing customer wants to know more about private mode browsing. You have a video on this. Smiling, your customer closes the video feeling satisfied, knowing that you can always be counted on and need not do anything further like contacting your support line. Also, rest assured that your customer retention increases.

The Way to Do It

Make sure that your videos contain content that is relevant to your business. All solutions and educational content must be accurate, updated, and spot-on. The videos need to organize well so that your audience can easily navigate through them to find what they want. 


6. Team Pages

Your team pages are where your audience gets to know about your team and who they may deal with in the future. They want to know who is behind your business. They want to see if they can connect with your team and trust them. After all, the more comfortable they feel with your team, the higher the chance that the buyer will click that 'Purchase' button.

The Way to Do It

It is essential to display a more natural and personalized approach in such videos. They may not need any scripts. You can capture an employee’s everyday work life, or a quick commentary would suffice. You still have to follow guidelines like introduction comes first and speak sincerely, direct to the camera. And, don't forget to smile, naturally and genuinely.



Videos no longer play the supporting role as they now form the centerpiece in all marketing strategies. Hence, this explains the popularity of video marketing for all businesses. Videos are versatile and convenient in that they can be used almost anywhere on all channels, especially on your website. The above explains the strategic places on your website to use video marketing. Follow them, and you will see a significant improvement in your sales.


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