5 ways VideoScribe transforms HR communications

Posted by Xana Castle on November 16, 2023
Xana Castle

Navigating the ever-evolving landscape of Human Resources demands a powerful ally – effective communication. In this article, we're exploring five ways to harness animated videos that will revolutionize your HR communications strategy. Check out the video below and read the article to see how video can make your employee communication strategy more engaging👇.

1. Visual storytelling for onboarding

Whiteboard animation brings a unique visual flair to onboarding processes. Rather than relying on traditional documentation, HR professionals can leverage animated videos to create compelling visual stories that guide new employees through the company culture, policies, and procedures. This approach not only simplifies complex information but also ensures a memorable and engaging onboarding experience. VideoScribe has a customizable template you can start with here

Imagine a whiteboard animation illustrating the company's journey, its values, and the role of each employee in shaping its future. This not only imparts information efficiently but also fosters a sense of connection and belonging from day one.

2. Training and development made engaging

Training sessions can often be perceived as mundane, leading to disengagement among employees. Video can transform HR training programs by introducing visually stimulating whiteboard animations. Complex concepts can be broken down into digestible visuals, making learning more enjoyable and effective. Begin creating impressive visual training presentations for your employees with VideoScribe's whiteboard explainer template.

Consider using whiteboard animation to simplify intricate compliance procedures or to demonstrate new software applications. This not only enhances comprehension but also ensures that employees retain crucial information.

3. Strategic communication through animated HR policies

Communicating HR policies and changes is a critical aspect of HR management. Rather than sending out lengthy emails or documents, HR teams can create animated videos that succinctly communicate policy updates. The dynamic nature of whiteboard animation captures attention and ensures that important policy changes are not overlooked.

Imagine a lively whiteboard animation outlining the revised leave policies or explaining the benefits of a new wellness program. This not only ensures clarity but also encourages employees to stay informed and engaged.

4. Recruitment storytelling

Attracting top talent requires more than just job listings. Video can enable HR professionals to craft compelling recruitment stories through whiteboard animation. These videos can showcase the company culture, growth opportunities, and the unique aspects that set the organization apart. VideoScribe already has some social media video templates available for you to check out here. 

Picture a whiteboard animation illustrating the company's journey, the diverse roles within the organization, and the exciting projects that await new hires. This creative approach adds a personal touch to recruitment efforts, making the organization stand out in the competitive job market.

5. Feedback and performance reviews with a visual twist

Traditional performance reviews can be daunting for both employees and managers. Introduce a fresh approach by incorporating animated videos into feedback sessions. Managers can create visual summaries of performance metrics, highlighting achievements and areas for improvement in a more constructive and engaging manner. Use the employee spotlight template in VideoScribe to start creating these today. 

Envision a video capturing the employee's journey over the past year, showcasing milestones, and providing actionable insights for professional development. This not only facilitates a more positive feedback process but also encourages continuous improvement.

Incorporating whiteboard animation into HR communications through tools like VideoScribe adds a creative and impactful dimension, transforming the way information is shared and absorbed in the workplace. As HR professionals embrace innovative technologies, VideoScribe's animated videos can be a powerful catalyst for effective communication and engagement.

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