5 Festive animation techniques to create video magic

Posted by Naomi Linford on December 16, 2021
Naomi Linford

The holidays are so close we can practically smell the eggnog! But there's still time to create some festive animation magic... From Santa's sleigh flying across the night sky to animated snowy scenes, there's lots of ways to impress with video this Christmas ✨ 

Plus, creating fun animated effects is a lot easier than you might think! We're sharing 5 super quick tutorials on how to achieve the perfect holiday look. Read on to discover them all 👇

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Technique 1: Santa's sleigh flying across the sky

Our first tutorial is all about moving images across the screen. In this case to create the effect of Santa flying across the night sky in his sleigh. Check out how it's done in a couple of easy steps 👇


Technique 2: How to create a snowy window scene

Next, we're showing you how to add extra movement to your videos by uploading background GIFs. In this case to create a snowy scene outside the window. Learn how 👇


Technique 3: Creating the effect of glowing Christmas lights

Nothing says Christmas like strings of bright lights, right?! So create your own animated version with this super quick trick 👇


Technique 4: Combining animation and live action video for a snowy backdrop

Next we're levelling up our backdrops with a full winter video. Combining animations with live action video is a really effective way to create more engaging and creative videos. Plus, as with all of these techniques it's super easy to do. Learn how 👇


Technique 5: Animated present unwrapping

Lastly, we're showing you how to use the power of morph to transform a wrapped present into an opened gift. For our example we've used the gift of a cute cat but you could swap this out for whatever present suits your message, story or preferences. 

There we have it - 5 fun effects you can create with animation this holiday season! Which one was your favorite? Comment and let us know! 

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