4 Ways HR Can Sell Your Company and Build Strong Teams

Posted by Jess Yandall on November 24, 2021
Jess Yandall

The sales team bring in customers. HR bring in people.

You might not think of the HR department as a sales team but their role within the company involves just as much negotiating.

Convincing people to sign a contract for your services is hard, getting people to sign a contract to come and work for you is even harder.

A company can’t exist without good people and HR is responsible for promoting the company and its culture so that people are dying to be part of the business.

Candidates are already using whiteboard videos to boost their chances, climb the corporate ladder faster and stand out in a crowded marketplace. But why aren’t companies doing the same?

With so many jobs out there it’s HR’s role to break through the noise and help sell the company to candidates from the moment they start researching the role.

4 Ways HR Can Sell Your Company to Candidates:

1. Create a Sense of Urgency

Job adverts need to be exciting and enticing. A list of responsibilities and required skills is important but you need to create something that grips them and has them scrambling to apply.

2. Portray Personality and Culture

Following on from above, it’s important to show candidates the personality of your company and what it would be like to work for you. Company culture is a big part of what attracts people to a job and could be the deciding factor as to why they pick you over someone else.

3. Retain Employees

Employee turnover is costly. As a business, your people are your most important assets. Retain talent by getting the right fit for the company from the start. Make sure they understand as much about the company as you do about them so you can both make the right decision.

4. Help Them Grow

Personal growth is a key element of any employee’s journey but especially a new starter. Provide employees with plenty of easy to understand training tools to help with their first few days (and for when they need a helping hand later down the line).

Help HR sell. Get candidates engaged and eager to apply for your job. Start here.


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