4 Creative animated video project ideas for students

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 26, 2019
Naomi Linford

In this blog we wanted to celebrate the students around the world at all levels of education using VideoScribe to create exceptional videos.

We know that animated videos make excellent teaching resources, but students can also benefit from creating videos themselves. The process of developing a video can teach you key digital skills, while the finished videos help you deliver stand-out presentations and achieve higher grades.

To provide inspiration for how you can use VideoScribe in your school, college or university, we’re highlighting four magnificent videos created by students!

Jordan Elder at Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication (Arizona State University)

We love this first example from Jordan because it shows how different types of video can be used together to develop a fuller story.

The VideoScribe animations help explain just how big the plastic pollution problem is through visual representations. While the camera footage dives deeper into the story and shows us exactly how research is conducted into the eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

Have you considered how you could add more dimension to your videos by using animation and camera shots together? Create your own VideoScribe video today by starting a free seven day trial! 

For more ideas on using VideoScribe in journalism, we recommend following Cronkite News as the student run channel shares lots of brilliant video content!

Kate Secombe at the University of Adelaide

This second video had to feature on our list! It perfectly illustrates how content as complex as a PhD thesis can be distilled down into animations that even those with no knowledge of the topic can understand.

Kate’s video was submitted to the international ‘Visualise your Thesis’ competition which celebrates effective communication of research through different mediums.

We think you’ll agree this makes research a lot more accessible and is a great way to share findings, whether you’re working on a PhD, college qualification or school project!

Shayne Omale at Inverurie Academy

This video from student and skills development ambassador, Shayne, caught our attention because of its incredible positivity.

You can’t help but watch this video and smile. Shayne uses text and imagery in VideoScribe to empower fellow students to take even the smallest action to make a difference, inspired by Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai and more.

If like Shayne, you’re passionate about a cause, why not use video to spread your message!

Billy Taylor

Last but by no means least, this scribe by Billy, a high school student, shows how video can bring Roman history to life.  

Animations make understanding historical events much easier as characters and images help audiences to visualise the story unfolding. In this case, the scribe was shared with the rest of Billy's school class as part of a series of presentations. But consider how you could use VideoScribe to communicate everything from summaries of Shakespeare and ancient history to the results of a school project.  

These are just a selection of great video examples, we know there are lots more out there. If you’d like us to share your videos or think we should know about great content, please tweet us @VideoScribeApp!

Get started making your own video by signing up for a seven-day free trial of VideoScribe today, (no credit card required)!

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