You're in luck! 4 customizable St. Patrick's Day video templates

Posted by Clemmy Ralph on February 27, 2023
Clemmy Ralph

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. A time to celebrate Irish culture and heritage with good food, drink and company!

And it’s not just Ireland that will be turning green on March 17th. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the globe from the green lights of the Sydney opera house to the emerald waters of the Chicago River.

To help you get in the St. Patrick’s Day spirit wherever you are, we’ve created four editable video templates. No need to spend hours creating a video from scratch - we’ve done the work for you. Our customizable templates will help you send greetings to loved ones and your community, and our new pub quiz template will cement your quiz master status!

If you already have a VideoScribe subscription, simply log in and click to start customizing. Or if you’re new to VideoScribe, start a free trial today to get your hands on these templates 👇 You can find extra help on using our video templates here.


'Knock knock! Who's there?' animated video template


Wish your customers, community, friends, and family a happy St. Patrick’s Day with this fun animated video template. To customize this template, simply add in your company logo, switch up any colors or imagery you wan to change and in a few minutes your video is ready!

Why not send this video out on your social media channels to engage and entertain your audience, or send it out in your email marketing to your customer base?

'Happy St Patrick's Day' animated template

Always wanted to be in your own leprechaun band? Well, look no further! With this editable template, all you need to do is switch the leprechaun faces to your own photos, add your company logo and you’re the star of the show. 

This template is a fantastic way to show your brand’s personality on social media or a fun way to communicate with colleagues and customers. You can even convert your video into a GIF (find out how here) and use it in your St. Patrick’s Day email campaigns.

St Patrick's Day Pub Quiz Invitation' video template

One awesome way to celebrate this fun holiday is to host your own pub quiz. Your guests can enjoy their favorite drinks and snacks while they test their general knowledge - what's not to like! 

To make organizing your quiz as easy as possible, we've created a brand new invitation template. Just switch out the details and hit publish to share with your friends, family or colleagues. 

Want to turn this into a community event? Just add your logo and any extra details your attendees might need then get sharing via email, social media or on your website. It's as easy as that!

'St Patrick's Day Pub Quiz' video template

Once your guests have RSVP'd, it's time to prepare for the ultimate quiz of 2023!

To complement your animated invitation, we've created a full template for a St Patrick's Day quiz. To prepare for the quiz, simply edit the questions (or keep them as is) and add your quiz master photo. Then download your video and you're ready to get quizzing!

In case you didn't know, all of our templates are fully customizable, so if you want to add more questions just copy and paste the elements to create as many new chalkboards as you need. 

And that's a wrap on our new St Patrick's Day themed animated video templates! Let us know in the comments which templates you'll be using in your marketing, classroom or business 👇


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