100 New character images and brand new templates added to VideoScribe

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 4, 2021
Naomi Linford

Characters are the stars of all stories - from villains and superheroes to real-life inspirations. They help us understand different perspectives, entertain us and often, we recognize ourselves in them. But for your characters to work their magic, they have to connect emotionally.

Which is why we've continued to expand the range of character images in the VideoScribe library. Reflecting a greater range of emotions and demographics to ensure whatever story you're telling, you've got the right characters to bring it to life ✨ 

Read on to discover these new images and all the latest additions to VideoScribe that you can start using in your videos today! 

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Say hello to a new style of character images

Meet the latest additions to the VideoScribe image library 🎉 We've welcomed 5 different cartoon-style characters into the mix that each have 20 different emotions from excitement and joy to anger and confusion. Making it even easier to tell your stories and convey real emotions. 

Plus, all of these images are color changing so you can edit them to suit your brand, video or preferences! You can find this set of images in the VideoScribe library in the new 'Characters - Emotions' folder. We hope you like them! 💗

Welcome audiences to your videos with our new intro template

When it comes to creating videos for social media, and especially YouTube, setting the right scene is super important. Which is why we created this new YouTube channel or video introduction template helping you start off strong.

Just switch out the image and text for your own channel information to ensure there's no question who's video they're watching 💪 Then simply add this animation to the start of your videos!

Give your videos a strong finish with an animated outro

To go with your shiny new introduction, you'll also need a polished ending - which is where our outro template comes in!

Once someone has watched your YouTube video, chances are you want them to either continue watching more of your content or head to your website or socials. Which is why our template is designed to highlight all the next steps a viewer could take. Just swap our details for yours and add your 'Watch next' end screen icons over the darker boxes.

That's a wrap! Those are the latest VideoScribe developments but we have lots more planned so look out for more updates coming soon. As always, if you want to download the latest version of VideoScribe to use the newest functionality and images please log into your Sparkol account and upgrade, start a free trial or join our creative community today 👇

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