Release notes for VideoScribe v3.0.8-4

Posted by Barry Radford on October 9, 2019
Barry Radford


Amendment - 12/03/2018

We have resolved the new bug found in v3.0.8-4 by removing one of the components of that release. The updated v3.0.8-5 of VideoScribe was released today, amended release notes for this version can be found here.

Our advice to anyone who is using v3.0.8-4 of VideoScribe is to upgrade to v3.0.8-5. Links to instructions showing you how to do this are below:

Amendment - 09/03/2018

We have discovered a bug in v3.0.8-4 of VideoScribe and have removed it while we resolve this. We have therefore restored v3.0.7 to the main download button for the interim period. 

Our advice to anyone who is using v3.0.8-4 of VideoScribe is to uninstall the application and replace it with version v3.0.7. Links to instructions showing you how to do this are below:

VideoScribe v3.0.8-4 was released on 7th March 2018 and is now available to download from your account page. support for Fade in

The rendering service has been updated to support scribes using the new Fade In animation method.

Performance improvements

We’ve improved the way VideoScribe recalculates the timings displayed on the timeline. This significantly improves performance with larger scribes. It also resolves the issue where some large scribes created in v2 would not open in v3.

Minor bug fixes

We have also fixed a few bugs:

  • The timeline will now update immediately when timings are changed.
  • We have fixed the issue where text and font changes were not saved when you click the Next/Previous Element buttons.
  • We’ve also fixed the issue where Fade In elements set to zero animate time were sometimes not appearing in the rendered video.
  • Some customers have reported that the Add new image button was not responding. We have been unable to replicate this issue here at Sparkol but we have put in a change that we believe may help and also added an error so if the issue does happen you will get a meaningful information rather than no response.

That all sounds great! How do I upgrade to v3.0.8-4?

If you would like to upgrade to this latest release of VideoScribe you just need to download and install it from your account page. For detailed instructions on how to do this please see the below links.

Download and install VideoScribe – PC

Download and install VideoScribe – Mac


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