Valentine’s Day Ideas For Remote Teaching

Posted by Louise Greaves on November 8, 2021
Louise Greaves

Hey, teachers! We know it’s tough out there at the moment. You’re trying to juggle remote teaching and keeping your vulnerable students safe. While your students might be struggling with motivation and a lack of attention.

Everyone could benefit from a moment to pause and appreciate the things and people they love. So with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why don’t you ask your students to do just that. Set them a project to create a quick video dedicated to someone they appreciate or the things that make them happy.

We’ve created three easily editable Valentine’s Day video templates to make it super easy. The templates are waiting for you in VideoScribe. If you have a subscription just login and click ‘Template Scribes’ on the left hand side. Or if you’re new to VideoScribe, start a free 7-day trial to access them. 

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The Things I Love Video Template

Students can swap the images and text to represent the things they love and make them happy. Our image library has more than 7,000 images to choose from, or they can upload their own. 

Valentine’s Day Appreciation Video Template

Students can choose someone to show their appreciation to, a parent, sibling, pet, classmate or perhaps their fantastic teacher! They can upload a photo of themselves or perhaps the person they appreciate. 

Happy Valentine’s Day Video Template

Maybe your students are ready to tell someone how much they mean to them. This template can help them say it in style. They can swap any element of the template, perhaps they prefer dogs to cats! And change up the text and colors. 

This fun activity gives students a chance to practice their storytelling and creative skills. 

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