Using video to promote a positive work environment

Posted by Clemmy Ralph on September 20, 2023
Clemmy Ralph

To improve your workplace culture, it is vital to enhance internal communications. As a HR professional or business owner, it would be ideal to be able to connect with every employee and new hire in your organization. However, this can be challenging due to time constraints or geographical limitations.

Videos offer a powerful and versatile solution that eliminates these barriers and allows you to reach out and engage. By leveraging videos, you can effectively improve and cultivate a robust work culture.

In this article, we will provide you with inspiring and engaging video concepts that can elevate your work environment. 

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What is work culture?

First, let's talk about what work culture actually is, In a nutshell, your workplace culture is a reflection of the values, traditions, attitudes, and beliefs shared within your organization. It is a direct representation of how your company treats both its employees and clients.

What are the benefits of using video in the workplace?

Video has many benefits in the workplace, especially when it comes to enhancing your work environment. Check out some of the main benefits below 👇

  • Communicates your workplace culture with employees
  • Boosts morale of team members
  • Improves new employee onboarding processes
  • Increases engagement of employees
  • Helps to increase collaboration between teams


So, now you know why videos are vital for promoting a positive work environment, read on below to see our top 5 video ideas you can utilize in your own workplace 👇

Idea 1: New starter welcome and onboarding 

A warm welcome goes a long way in making new hires feel valued. Welcome and orientation videos introduce newcomers to the company's culture, values, and people. It instills a sense of belonging right from day one and is a great way to help them get to know their fellow colleagues.

Once a new starter has joined the company, they'll need to go through an onboarding process to learn more about their new place of work. Traditionally this has been done using a slideshow presentation but with the help of animated videos, you can turn a dry, boring presentation into an engaging and captivating animated video!

Check out our 'onboarding slideshow' video template below. This template is fully customizable so you can switch up the colors to suit your company branding 👇


Idea 2: Recognition and appreciation

Recognizing and appreciating employees for their hard work and dedication is crucial. 

Let your employees know they are appreciated in a special way by sharing an animated video highlighting their achievements and successes. Videos that celebrate individual and team achievements can boost morale and motivate others to excel. To make this easier for you, we've created an 'employee appreciation' video template which is available in the VideoScribe template library. Check it out below 👇


Idea 3: Communication and updates

Regular updates from leadership are essential in maintaining effective communication and bridging the gap between employees and management. It is important to find innovative ways to deliver these updates and engage employees in the process. Instead of resorting to the traditional method of creating a standard slideshow presentation, using video can significantly enhance the impact of these messages.

Videos have the power to make these updates more engaging, personal, and memorable. By incorporating animations, videos capture the attention of employees and create a lasting impression. This not only helps in conveying the information effectively but also adds a human touch to the communication.

Our 'slideshow presentation' video template is available to give you a head start with your employee communications. Simply customize this template with the relevant information and share it in a company meeting or add it to your meeting slides 👇


Idea 4: Company rules and procedures

In an effort to ensure clarity and transparency, your company can use the power of video to  effectively communicate rules and procedures to employees. By using concise and engaging videos, you'll be making it easier for team members to grasp the essential guidelines governing the workplace.

Using video will ensure that everyone feels confident in navigating your company's policies, ultimately contributing to a more harmonious and productive work environment. One example of using video to share company rules is to create a video showcasing the procedures and policies surrounding digital security and IT.

We've got a video template specifically designed for sharing your digital security procedures, check it out below 👇


Idea 5: Sharing company success

Sharing highlights from internal events and celebrations through videos can create a sense of unity and excitement among employees, whether in-person or virtual. 

By capturing key moments and showcasing them in a visually appealing and engaging video format, you can effectively communicate the company's achievements and successes to the entire workforce. Whether it's a team-building activity, an annual company party, or a milestone celebration, sharing these events and achievements through videos allows employees to feel connected and part of something bigger.

To help you get started, we've created a 'sharing success' video template you can use to highlight company milestones with your employees. Simply customize the template with the relevant details and hit share to circulate it to your employees via email 👇


Hopefully you now understand why it's so important to improve and enhance your work culture and environment. Let us know in the comments which videos you're going to share with your employees 👇


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