Returning to work safely after lockdown: 2 new editable video templates

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 9, 2021
Naomi Linford

As the spread of coronavirus is slowing, countries around the world are starting to lift their lockdown restrictions. Not only does it mean we might be able to get a professionally made coffee from our favorite cafe again ( 🙌) but we need to start thinking about preparing to go back into the workplace.

While this is a really positive step that'll no doubt boost our mood, the virus does still pose a threat and there are important precautions to take. To help you and your organization navigate this difficult transition we've created two brand new video templates. They're designed to help you easily share tips on staying safe at work as well as communicating what you're doing to protect colleagues and customers. Read on to learn more and see the templates in action.

For our VideoScribe users, it’s easy to access these templates. Simply open VideoScribe, click ‘Template Scribes’ on the left side panel, choose one of the two templates and customize! If you’re new to VideoScribe, you can start a 7 day free trial today to get your hands on all of our templates.

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Coronavirus video template: workplace precautions

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This template shares World Health Organization precautions to take at work to minimize the spread of the virus if you are allowed to return. Simple tips like this can have a big impact if they're well communicated so consider sharing this video with friends, family, colleagues or employees who will be returning to work.

Don't forget you can edit these templates to make them your own so if you have advice that's specific to your building or way of working then customize the text to suit. You can also change the color of images, text and the background to tie it back to your company colors ready to share with colleagues on social media, in emails or via messaging platforms.

Coronavirus video template: protecting colleagues and customers

HubSpot Video

Our second template is focused on helping you share what you're doing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is especially important if your business will be opening again for the first time in months and customers are concerned about how to buy from you. Sharing your precautions in a video will not only put their mind at ease but demonstrate that you're a responsible organization that puts safety first. 

Again, it's easy to customize this video to suit your business and message. Within a matter of minutes you could publish a video tailored to your current working practices that'll boost your reputation and give customers the confidence to shop with you.

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