New VideoScribe character images help you communicate in style

Posted by Naomi Linford on March 1, 2022
Naomi Linford

To help you make the best possible animated videos on a huge range of topics, we're constantly adding new images to the VideoScribe library. This month is no exception! 

In this blog we're walking you through all the new goodness you can now find in VideoScribe, ready to use in your next video. To get your hands on all the images mentioned in this blog and more simply log into your VideoScribe account or start a free 7-day trial today (no credit card details needed) 👇


New character images with bags of style!

Firstly, we welcomed 150 new images of characters in different styles and showing a huge range of emotions. They're perfect for telling your stories, explaining ideas and adding humor and personality to your animations. From happy and excited to confused and angry, each character is shown in 10 different poses so you can build a full story with each character. 

You can find these new images today in the 'Characters - Emotions' folder in the VideoScribe image library 🎉 Which character is your favorite?

New process and flow chart images

We also recently added a new collection of process and flow chart related graphics and icons. These shapes are perfect for communicating steps in instructions, explaining how events link up or creating your own fully animated flow chart! Making them valuable tools in education and training materials to help new recruits, students or trainees get to grips with new processes or structures. 

Plus, as all these images are color changing you can edit them to suit your brand colors, the theme of your topic or just your personal preferences. Find all of these images in the 'Process' folder in the VideoScribe library.

To start using any of these images today, start a free 7-day VideoScribe trial (no credit card details needed), or log into your account! 👇


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