New images of remote learning, people in education and stick figures!

Posted by Naomi Linford on November 8, 2021
Naomi Linford

Happy new year! We're starting 2021 off with a bang by sharing all the new images we've added to the VideoScribe library 💥

And this is just the start! Our talented designers are currently working on even more new image sets that we can't wait to share with you. Keep an eye out for them landing soon! 👀

But for today's blog we're running you through all the new additions to VideoScribe that you need to know, with ideas and examples for how you can use these images along the way.

All of these new graphics are ready and waiting for you in the VideoScribe library. To use them simply start a free 7-day trial by clicking below or log into your account 👇

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New images of people in education

The first big addition is over 100 new images of people in education. From science labs to lecture halls and sports teams to teachers, these new images cover almost all elements of school life. They're the perfect graphics to help set the scene for your story, explain class rules or update parents on school activities. 

Plus, they're all color changing which means you can edit them to suit your school colors, the theme of your video or just your preferences. Learn how in this quick video 👇

New remote learning images

Amongst our new educational images are some specific graphics related to home or remote learning. We know that because of COVID-19 lots of teachers around the world will still be tackling the challenge of teaching classes from home this year. So we wanted to create some specific images to help you communicate the ongoing changes to children, parents and colleagues.

In this new pack you'll find images of video calls, parents home schooling children and students learning independently. Check them out in the 'Education' folder of the VideoScribe image library. 

Looking for more tips and tricks on creating your own educational videos that keep students engaged? Take a peek at our free guide to video for educators 👇

Educator's Guide to Animated Video

New stick figure images

We also know our stick figure images are incredibly popular, which is why we added a number of new images to the collection. As you can see in our quick video, they cover all sorts of situations and emotions including positive, negative and new ideas. How will you use these new images? 🤔

We hope you enjoy using these new images and as always, if there are any specific new images you'd like see in the VideoScribe library please let us know in our community forum

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