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Posted by Naomi Linford on November 9, 2021
Naomi Linford

We know that our extensive library of high quality images is one of the things that draws lots of people to VideoScribe. So to make sure you always have the right graphic to communicate your message we consistently add more images to cover different events, topics and needs.

Similarly, we’ve had an awesome response to introducing pre-made video templates to VideoScribe. For time-strapped marketers, they make creating perfectly polished and animated videos easier and faster than ever. Which is why we’ve also continued to expand our range of video template designs.

In today’s blog we’re sharing a round up of all the latest additions to VideoScribe that you need to know.

Everything we discuss in this blog is available in VideoScribe today. However, if you’re using an older version of VideoScribe, please download the latest version (3.5) to ensure you have access to these features. Or, if you’re new to VideoScribe sign up for a free 7 day trial to get started!

Sticky note style video template

HubSpot Video

If you're like us, sticky notes make you think of brainstorming sessions and discussing creative new ideas. That's what makes this new video template so irresistible! ...that and the fun tactile design that feels like you could actually reach into the screen and pick a note off.

This template is super versatile and could be edited to suit almost any topic, like sharing your best customer reviews, communicating the benefits of your services or highlighting your exclusive offers.

If you already have a VideoScribe subscription, simply log in to the software and click on the 'Template Scribes' button on the left-hand side to find this template and many more. If you're new to VideoScribe, start a free trial today to use this template.

Nano style video template

HubSpot Video

This dark and futuristic template sets the stage for your message to shine. Regardless of whether you’re using it to market a technical product or just want a fun backdrop to share industry trends, this template stands out.

The best part about all of our templates is that we’ve done the hard work for you. All you need to do is edit the details and click publish. Just like that you’ve got a custom video created by our design team for a fraction of the time and cost of hiring a professional.

High voltage style video template

HubSpot Video

Want to ensure your message can’t be ignored? This template is the answer. Nothing gets our attention faster than fluorescent hazard tape, so if you've got an important message to share, give it the stage it deserves.

Try using this video template for flash sale announcements to create a buzz, or for communicating important company or product updates. Just edit the details to make it your own!

Communicate more with less using visual metaphors

Some concepts are tricky to explain succinctly. Images have the power to say so much more than words in record speed. That’s why we’ve added even more visual metaphors to the VideoScribe library. The first instalment of concepts and metaphors graphics were so popular we knew we had to expand it to include ideas like ‘overtime’ and ‘long-term’.

So next time you’re thinking, this would be so much easier to explain if I could draw it - now you can! Find all of these images in the ‘Concepts and Metaphors’ folder in the VideoScribe library.

Go global with 100+ landmark graphics

Research proves that personalizing your video content to include your viewer’s name and even their location can improve marketing results. So to help you switch up your video content to suit where your target audience is in the world, we’ve created a bank of over 100 new landmarks.

Whether you want to create a specific video advert for prospective customers in Toronto or Dubai we’ve got you covered! Find these new images in the ‘Geography’ folder in the VideoScribe library, or alternatively use the search bar to type the name of the landmark you want to find.

Get lucky with our St. Patrick’s Day images

The Irish holiday of St. Patrick is celebrated on March 17th each year and to mark the occasion we’ve added a selection of new images including leprechauns, clovers and rainbows.

Everything you need to create video magic and promote a themed sale, send greetings to your community, or have fun with video competitions, quizzes and more. Search for St. Patrick’s Day in the VideoScribe library to view all the new images.

To access all the images and templates discussed in today’s blog, please log into VideoScribe or start a free 7 day trial today (no credit card required)!

As always, if there are any additional images you’d love to see in VideoScribe, please let us know on our community forum!

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