More colour images added to the Library

Posted by Barry Radford on October 9, 2019
Barry Radford

Our new colour versions of the animals, weather and celebration image packs are now available in VideoScribe.

Over 60 more images have been added to the animals, weather and celebration folders today! Discover all our bright and shiny new images in your VideoScribe library and boost your scribes with an extra splash of colour.

Whether you’re producing e-learning materials, presenting your project or sending out party invitations - we’d love to see what you create with them. Share your scribes with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Plus, we’ve dug out some Halloween images that have never been released on the VideoScribe library before - so we’re giving you those too!

Halloween templates

We've made a couple of Halloween template scribes which include these images as well. These are absolutely free so download our Have a Spooky Halloween and Trick or Treat templates to give you a head start on your Halloween scribes. Once they are downloaded just open VideoScribe and import them!

New Halloween

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