How small businesses can stand out from the competition

Posted by Clemmy Ralph on August 24, 2023
Clemmy Ralph

Small businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to distinguish themselves from the crowd and make a lasting impact on their target audience. One powerful tool that has emerged to fulfill this need is video, and in particular, animated video.

In this blog post, we'll dive into how VideoScribe can play a pivotal role in helping small businesses stand out from the competition.

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Visual storytelling that engages

One of the key challenges for small businesses is capturing the attention of potential customers amidst the competition. That's where animated video comes in, it allows businesses to tell their stories in a visually appealing and engaging manner. Whether it's explaining complex concepts, showcasing product features, or sharing the brand's journey,  animated videos can captivate viewers, making the message not only more memorable but also more persuasive. Small businesses can use the power of video services for business growth.

Check out our 'Your story' video template below. This is a great template to use to share your own unique brand story with your customers 👇

Personalization and Branding

Standing out in a competitive market requires more than just a generic video. Animated video empowers small businesses to inject their branding and tone of voice into every video they create. With over 11,000+ customizable illustrations in the VideoScribe image library, businesses can tailor content to match their unique branding. This level of personalization helps to establish a stronger connection with the audience, fostering trust and loyalty. Using consistent branding across videos helps to reinforce brand recognition, making the business more memorable in the minds of consumers.

Our in-house marketers hosted a webinar all about the importance of brand consistency. Watch the webinar recording below 👇

Cost-effective marketing

Limited budgets are a common challenge for small businesses. Traditional forms of advertising and marketing, such as television commercials or print media, can be expensive and may not drive the desired results. Animated video offers an affordable alternative that doesn't compromise on quality. By leveraging animated videos, businesses can create engaging and professional marketing materials and propel video marketing revenue. Videos can be shared across all social media platforms, expanding reach and maximizing video production ROI.

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Exploring Creative Boundaries

Small businesses can experiment with different animation styles, such as whiteboard and mixed media, transitions and storytelling techniques to create content that resonates with their target audience. This experimentation allows for continuous improvement and optimization of video content, ensuring that the business remains relevant and engaging. In a competitive landscape, the ability to adapt and innovate is a crucial factor for success. With the cameras feature in VideoScribe, you have even more freedom to use your creativity and emphasize important elements in your videos. To learn more about the new cameras feature, read our in-depth guide.

Below is our 'Mixed Media Presentation video template'.  This is a great example of one of the many video styles you can create using VideoScribe 👇

Sharable content

Creating shareable content is a goldmine for small businesses. Animated videos are tailor-made for online sharing. Whether it's an engaging GIF, an inspirational company story, or an informative explainer video, businesses can create content that users want to share with their networks. This helps to increase the business's exposure and reach potential customers who may not have otherwise known about the business.

Check out the below whiteboard explainer video template which you can use to explain your product or service to your audience. This template utilizes our new cameras feature 👇

Hopefully, you're now aware why VideoScribe is such a valuable tool for small businesses. Animated video empowers small businesses to break free from the crowd and establish a distinct identity in their industry. By harnessing the power of visual storytelling, personalization, cost-effectiveness, and creativity, businesses can create animated videos that leave a lasting impression on their audience. In an era where standing out is essential for success, VideoScribe proves to be an indispensable asset for small businesses striving to make their mark.


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