How to create videos with our new features in VideoScribe for your Browser

Posted by Clemmy Ralph on October 11, 2022
Clemmy Ralph

If you haven't already seen - we've released a handful of new features in VideoScribe for your Browser to make creating video content even easier! And in this blog, we're showing you how to maximise these new features when making your videos.

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Replace image 

You can now swap out a single image for a different image in VideoScribe for your Browser. The new image will retain the same animation settings and color scheme as the original one, making video editing even faster. 

Our GIF below show how this new feature works 👇


Hide/Unhide element

In VideoScribe for your Browser, you can now hide and unhide elements in your video project. This is useful for when you have a busy canvas and need to remove noise, or overlapping elements. This makes it easier to edit and align other elements on the canvas.

See how this feature works in our GIF below 👇


Timing arrows

You can now adjust the timings of your animations with up and down arrows, instead of having to type numbers into the box. This new feature will help to make your video editing faster. Check out a snippet of using these new arrows in our GIF below 👇


New keyboard shortcuts 

We all love using keyboard shortcuts to save time when editing creative projects, and now you can use them in VideoScribe for your Browser to help make your video creation process even faster!

So, what are the new shortcuts?

You can now right-click on the canvas to bring up the below menu - from here you can paste elements, turn the grid on, play video from the start and play video from the scene.

You can also use the following keyboard shortcuts 👇

  • Paste - COMMAND + V (Mac) or CTRL + V (Windows)
  • Grid on - COMMAND + G (Mac) or CTRL + G (Windows)
  • Play from Start - COMMAND + P (Mac) or CTRL + P (Windows)


So, there you have it! A quick round-up of the new features and additions in VideoScribe for your Browser. Let us know if you've tried them out in the comments! 👇


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