How to craft the perfect video introduction [+ new introduction templates]

Posted by Alice Taylor on November 4, 2021
Alice Taylor

A well-thought-out introduction video creates a strong initial connection with your audience and gives potential employers or customers a window into who you are. It’s your chance to make a great first impression and an awesome way to help your viewers feel like they know you.

This blog gives you everything you need to make engaging video introductions, starting with two brand new video templates making it even easier for you to make attention-grabbing introductions that leave a lasting impression.

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Personal Introduction Video Template - Whiteboard Style

Our first new video template takes the classic whiteboard animation style to give an overview of your interests, aspirations, and a timeline of how you got to where you are today. The use of block color text and outline illustrations will carry your viewers through your story whilst keeping them engaged from start to finish.

Personal Introduction Video Template - Chalkboard Style

Our chalkboard-style introduction template offers a more textured look with detailed illustrations, framing your introduction with an artistic and memorable feel.

Both of these templates would be perfect for swapping in your skills and work history for a more professional approach. This could form part of your interviewing process to impress employers or help introduce yourself to new work colleagues. The whiteboard style may be more suited to a professional services role, with the chalkboard style suiting a creative role.

To edit these templates simply double click on each element of text and replace the content with your own details. You can also swap out the images and illustrations to suit you. It's as easy as that!

You can also personalize these templates to introduce your business or even a product or service! From a business perspective, video introductions can set you apart from other organizations on the internet as it sets the tone and personality of your message and brand. Let’s break these down and discuss some top tips for each...

Introducing your business

Introducing your business with video will help you stand out from the competition and ensure your brand is more memorable. You can do this by telling your audience why your brand exists and share its best qualities, for example, what it is about, its specialties, and what sets it apart from other businesses. You could also mention your brand’s purpose as a way to attract fresh talent.

Don’t forget your call-to-action (CTA) - you’re not making this video just for kicks! Encourage viewers to visit your website to learn more, or share your contact information to drive user interaction. Asking your audience to share, like, or comment on the video will also get them to act and improve your engagement rates.

Introducing a product

Introducing a new product or service with a video can be a super engaging way to drive sales as well as brand awareness. 

Before you get started, what’s your USP? Successful products always have one thing in common: an attractive unique selling proposition. Once you have this defined, you can mold your video around it. Another key tip to keep in mind is to talk about benefits, not features. This will get your audience to care about your product and how it can solve their problems.

With these tips, you’ll be able to create quality video introductions that draw your audience in and help them get to know you better - whether you’re introducing yourself, your business, or a product!

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