April holiday and event video templates: Easter, Earth Day and more!

Posted by Naomi Linford on March 17, 2022
Naomi Linford

Hello April! Bring on the warmer weather, a whole lot of chocolate and hoppin' good fun ๐Ÿฐ That's right, not only is Easter in April, but also Ramadan, Earth Day, World Health Day and more. Whether you're a teacher, student, marketer or business professional there's lots of opportunities to engage your audiences with video content this month. 

To help you plan and create awesome videos for April, we've mapped out all the major events you need to know about along with pre-made video templates and animation ideas to help you create stand out content. 

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1st - April Fools Day #AprilFools

Did you know April Fools was traditionally held in June?

...April Fools! How could we resist ๐Ÿ˜‚ Whether you prank your students, friends or colleagues this year, or take a leaf out of T-Mobile's book and donate to charity, this is always a fun event to get involved with. 

2nd - World Autism Awareness Day #WAAD

On the 2nd, help raise awareness of autism and important funds to help create a society that works for autistic people. 

4th - Easter Sunday #Easter

Happy Easter Scribely video template

We don't know about you but by April 4th we fully intend to be drowning in chocolate... Share your own Easter greetings with our cute video template that you can see above. This is ready and waiting for you in VideoScribe. Just log in and click to edit the details. Publish it as an MP4 or GIF to share with friends, family, colleagues or students on social media, in emails and more! 

7th - World Health Day #LetsTalk

Happy World Health Day activities Scribely video template

If this year has taught us anything it's that our health is incredibly precious. So take this opportunity to remind your community of ways they can stay happy and healthy as well as celebrating all the incredible work of healthcare professionals. 

You can use our video template above to share your own tips - just log in to VideoScribe and switch out the images and text for your own messages. Just like that your custom animated video is ready to share! 

7th - National Walking Day #NationalWalkingDay

You've probably been walking more than usual this year already but why not share your favorite local walking routes, advice for those looking to get out on trails and photos from your most memorable hikes. 

11th - National Pet Day #NationalPetDay

From dogs and cats to birds and reptiles, ask your colleagues or students to share photos and videos about their furry/scaly/feathered friends. 

12th - Ramadan starts #Ramadan

During the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims around the globe begin fasting to mark the start of the holy month of Ramadan. This is a time for fasting, praying, spiritually reflecting, spending time with friends and family, and doing charitable deeds.

To help you spread Ramadan greetings to your students, customers, colleagues, family and friends, weโ€™ve created an eye-catching video templates. 

13th - Equal Pay Day #EqualPayDay

We all deserve equal pay. Join the conversation on social media and in schools by sharing data and insights to help others understand this persisting problem. 

16th - National High-Five Day #NH5D

Unfortunately this year we can only recommend virtual or distanced high fives but the sentiment stands! High-Five Day is all about showing your support for the work of others. So why not send your students a virtual high-five for completed projects, colleagues for their positive attitude or friends and family for hitting their personal goals.  

16th - National Stress Awareness Day #StressAwarenessDay

Stress can be incredibly damaging to our overall health and wellness and we have no doubt stress levels have increased over the last year. So help your students, colleagues or friends find more periods of calm by leading a virtual meditation or yoga class, or even just sharing your self care tips. 

22nd - Earth Day #EarthDay2021

Climate change is affecting all of us. From extreme weather to habitat erosion, we all need to play our part to reduce the impact we're having on the planet. Encourage others to take action by sharing your eco-friendly actions in our Earth Day pre-made video template. 

Just edit the bullet points and hit publish. It's as easy as that which makes it a great activity for students too. Get them thinking about how they can lesson their impact from home.  

23rd - National Picnic Day #NationalPicnicDay

Whether you can head out for an outdoor picnic at your school or college, or host a virtual indoor picnic at home, seize this as an opportunity to mix things up. Share your photos in a video collage or ask your audiences what their top picnic snacks are. 

25th - National Telephone Day #NationalTelephoneDay

Where would we be without our phones!? Take this opportunity to appreciate the technology that helps us stay connected with loved ones, regardless of how far away we are. 

25th - World Malaria Day #EndMalariaForGood

Malaria continues to claim thousands of lives each year and so World Malaria Day is dedicated to continuing education and awareness of the disease. As well as highlighting the need for further investment into treatments, controls and support for communities affected. 

29th - International Dance Day #InternationalDanceDay

This global celebration of dance not only gives you the chance to show off some of your new found TikTok moves, but can also help you shine a light on talented dancers in your school or family. Plus, you could raise some much needed funds and support for the Arts community that have been badly hit by COVID-19 restrictions. 

29th - Denim Day #DenimDay

Last but by no means least - this is your excuse to work a double denim look! Throwing it back to the early 2000s to raise awareness of a very important topic: sexual assault. Play your part by wearing denim and promoting greater understanding of the impact these crimes cause. 

That brings us to the end of our holidays and events calendar for April - what dates will you be getting involved with? Comment and let us know ๐Ÿ‘‡

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