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Posted by Clemmy Ralph on July 26, 2023
Clemmy Ralph

Whether you're an educator or student, we know how important prepping for the start of the new school year is. It's your chance to get ahead on lesson planning to minimize last minute stress, and for students it's an opportunity to refocus and maybe even tackle that reading list... 👀

To help you get ahead, we've rounded up our favorite video templates in VideoScribe. Plus, there's a heap of educational images available to tell your own stories! Think of this as your complete back to school animation kit. Whether you're an experienced VideoScriber or new to animation, our templates help you make impressive animations quickly and easily.

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Lesson planning video template

This simple, yet fun, whiteboard animation template will ensure all eyes are on your lesson. We know different students have different learning styles and animation helps you appeal to each with captivating visuals, clear audio (either record a voice-over or talk over your video in class) and moving elements to stimulate kinaesthetic learners. 

As we said, this template is ready made and waiting for you in VideoScribe. All you have to do is customize the elements to make it unique to your lesson. In just a few minutes, you could have a complete video lesson plan that's ready to share in class, as a revision tool or with parents to support home learning. 

Don't forget, all elements are color changing so you can also switch up the colors to suit your topic, school branding or your personal preference! 🎨

Whiteboard explainer collage

Now let's talk whiteboard explainer videos - if you've got a subject that's not always that easy to visualize then a whiteboard explainer video is what you need! This template uses subtle colors and illustrations to engage. This template also utilizes our iconic hand-draw animation style to increase engagement.

Whether you're teaching History or Maths, this template will help you break the content down into its key parts while helping students absorb the information faster. After all, research shows we take in images 60,000x faster than text so let those graphics do some of the heavy lifting!

Water cycle explainer video template

Our Water Cycle Explainer video template is the perfect way to break down the topic of the water cycle into easily digestible chunks. This is a great way to help your students learn an important topic quickly and will make the information much more memorable.

You can switch out the images, change up the fonts, jazz up the colors and import background music to make it even more engaging for your audience.

My Video Scrapbook template

Many students dread the return of school after the long summer vacation, but by adding in fun and creative tasks for them to complete, you can help to ease a little bit of that dread! That's where our 'Video Scrapbook' animated template comes in - it's the perfect task to set your students to get them back into the swing of things after their long break.

You could ask them to add in their own photographs to showcase a fun vacation they went on or to show off an interesting place they visited. They could record their own voiceover to explain what they liked about the place, add some background music and get creative with our library of over 11,000+ hand-drawn illustrations!

Sticky Notes video template

Our 'Sticky Notes' video template is the perfect way to share important information in a fun and engaging way. Simply edit the text on the sticky notes with key takeaways and learnings from your lesson to help your students remember what they have learnt.

You could even ask your students to create this video for themselves so they can summarize key points from the lesson. This will help them to effectively remember learnings quicker.

Education-themed images

Now that's our pre-made templates covered. But what if you want to create your own video from a blank canvas? For that we have a whole heap of education themed illustrations showing teachers, students, classrooms, books, pens and more! You can get a peek at them in our quick animation 👇

All of these images are in the 'Education' folder in the VideoScribe library. Or you can use the search bar to look for specific images like 'student' or 'whiteboard'. Plus, as we say a lot, don't forget that you can change the color of most of the images in our library so you have extra room to get creative and make videos that are truly unique. 

There we have it - your complete back to school animation kit! Which template is your favorite? Or maybe you have a request for a template covering another topic. Comment and let us know your thoughts 👇

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