5 awesome animated videos to inspire your own

Posted by Clemmy Ralph on September 8, 2022
Clemmy Ralph

In this digital era, creating effective and engaging animated videos to use for advertising or social media platforms is more important than ever. But, we all have those days where we lack inspiration, and sometimes you need some help to get ideas for a new creative project.

So, we've done the hard work for you and rounded up 5 awesome animated videos from across the web to, hopefully, get your creative juices flowing! From famous brands to animations from our very own community of Scribers, get ready to be inspired!

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Nespresso On Ice: You're just a sip away

Nespresso created this animated advertisement to promote their limited edition Nespresso On Ice cold brew coffee capsules. If you're creating a seasonal product advert, this video is a great source to take inspiration from. From the bright color scheme to the use of ocean and seaside backdrops, this entire video screams 'SUMMER' whilst making you long for a cold brew coffee. 

To take inspiration from Nespresso, try creating a seasonal promotional video for your product or service and inject fun, bright colors into your animation.

💡 Did you know VideoScribe has multiple scenes and backdrop options available? From school classrooms to snowy forests and sunny beaches, the possibilities are endless!

Why does Starbucks blend coffee?

In this animated advert by coffee giant, Starbucks, they showcase the perfection involved in creating their signature coffee blends. This animation uses a simple color scheme and minimal animated elements to tell a story,  but it's just as effective as using busier animated scenes. 

Take inspiration from Starbucks and use a muted color palette for your next video creation. You could also try keeping the animated elements simple and let your story tell itself!

Slack: Work, simplified 

Slack makes team communication at work easier, and in this animated video advertisement, they're showcasing how they do that. They use a simple 2D animation style to convey their message to their audience. They also use a basic color palette by only using four colors from their brand logo, showing us that you don't need hundreds of colors to make an effective animated video. 

Take inspiration from Slack and try using a minimal color palette in your next video. You could also try using basic animated characters and a whiteboard-style background.

💡 Did you know you can create whiteboard animations using VideoScribe? Try a white background with our 'hand draw' animation effect to animate the elements onto the screen as if they're being drawn on a whiteboard.

How I became a video editor

Our 2021 VideoScribe Awards winner, Manuela, created this awesome animated video using VideoScribe to tell her personal journey about becoming a video editor. 

We love the way Manuela has created her own animated world to help us understand the journey she's been on. It really helps us empathize with her and consider our own struggles to find the right path. 

Take inspiration from Manuela and create your own animated video documenting a personal journey you've been on. 

The law in 60 seconds: Protest rights

And last but not least, is this awesome creation from Christian Weaver. In this video,  Christian uses whiteboard animation to explain what rights you have when at a protest, all in less than 60 seconds. 

Take inspiration from Christian and create your own whiteboard animation to explain an interesting topic or tell your audience more about your product or service.


So, there you have it! Our roundup of 5 awesome animated videos to inspire your own. If you're feeling inspired, let us know in the comments what type of video you're going to create next 👇


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