3 types of animation; inspiration for all styles

Posted by Clemmy Ralph on June 16, 2022
Clemmy Ralph

If you’ve ever watched a children’s TV show or movie, you’ll be familiar with animation. Using animated characters, backdrops and text is a simple yet effective way to portray emotion and drum up excitement and interest about your business.

Animation may seem completely out of reach, especially if you’re not an artist or naturally creative, but this is where VideoScribe comes in! With our awesome range of customizable and versatile templates for both business and personal use, you don’t need to be a design whiz to create stunning and engaging animated videos. 

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2D Animation

When we think of 2D animation, the classic Disney movies spring to mind. From Aladdin with his magic carpet to The Little Mermaid with her signature long red hair, these movies were originally made using 2D animation. You might be wondering what 2D animation actually means? Well it is the art of creating characters and scenes in a two-dimensional space.

2D animation was traditionally created using hand-drawn illustrations, but has now evolved with artists using the likes of Adobe After Effects and digital techniques. 2D animation is a super effective tool to use in your marketing comms, internal onboarding processes, in education or in your recruitment efforts. The possibilities really are endless! 

Using VideoScribe means that 2D animation is no longer out of reach, you can easily create your own effective animated videos without the need for a designer or artst.

Check out one of our 2D animated templates below called ‘Telling Your Story’. 

Mixed Media

Mixed media animation is the art of combining 2D animation with live photos, live videos and text. Mixed media animation is a great style to use for explainer videos as you can intersect photographs with animated arrows and text to help explain your subject or product clearly to your audience.

You can get access to a range of mixed media animation templates in the VideoScribe library. Check out one of our awesome mixed media templates ‘Teacher Class Introduction’ below.

Whiteboard Animation 

Whiteboard animation is another effective and engaging style of animation. It involves a static image being hand-drawn on the screen, usually with some explainer text to go alongside it. This style of animation is really versatile and is the perfect addition to add to your social media, marketing emails and website. 

We’ve got a whole host of whiteboard animation templates for you to customize and use in your marketing. Check out one of our templates ‘Whiteboard - Explainer Collage’ below.


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