VideoScribe 2.1 is here

VideoScribe 2.1 has arrived – and it brings a host of new features and improved functionality. Here’s how you can download and start using it.

You’ve been testing the 2.1 beta since November 2014. Thanks for all of your great insights and suggestions for improvements – this new version of VideoScribe wouldn’t be possible without them.

Download VideoScribe 2.1 now

Log in your Sparkol account for the link to download VideoScribe 2.1.

What’s new in VideoScribe 2.1?

VideoScribe 2.1 lets you do some exciting new things with your scribes – such as use animated GIFs and create unique graphs with your own data.

It also includes important improvements to existing features and functionality.

Read the VideoScribe 2.1 release notes for full details.

  • daniel hardship

    You quote 100’s of new images – where are they ? I dont see 000’s, just a few extra

    • Daniel Mehmet

      Hi Daniel – here’s how you can find them:

      1. Click Add an image to the canvas
      2. Click the Browse the base library icon
      3. Scroll across to the third page of folders
      4. Open up the GIFs (online) and Animated alphabet (online) folders

      Hope this helps.


  • daniel hardship

    hi Daniel
    thank you, but I just realized that my having trialed the beta scribe that I would not see new images.
    Daft or what
    great name by the way !!

  • Ollydave

    I’m very disappointed with sparkol. I am paying for this monthly and I can’t even get a simple email notifying me of this update. Very disappointed. If I didn’t check here, I won’t have found out.

    • Daniel Mehmet

      Hi Ollydave – I’m sorry you feel let down on this occasion. We do have some further communications planned around the 2.1 launch but we had focused on the blog, social media and the VideoScribe community initially. I appreciate your comments though and will make sure we get an earlier email out for the 2.2 release. Cheers, Daniel

    • Dave

      I agree.. I just found out this existed.. Come on guys.. little respect for your members. 😛 :)

  • Nur Shahirah Shirae

    i have download the setup for trial. but why cant i start to install it.

  • daniel hardship

    How easy is illustrator for converting image files to svg

  • daniel hardship

    I have used inkscape for text but found that the end result was the text started out as outlines which filled in at the end of the writing. Does anyone know how to overcome this ?

    • Daniel Mehmet

      Hey Daniel – thanks for the comments. I’d recommend heading over to the VideoScribe community pages, where you can see if others have asked or answered the same questions. If they haven’t, you can ask a new question: