VideoScribe 2.3.6 release notes

VideoScribe 2.3.6 was released on Monday, 5th September¬†2016. Log in to your Sparkol account now to start using this latest version. Here’s what’s new in 2.3.6. Log in to your Sparkol account to download VideoScribe 2.3.6 What’s new in 2.3.6? Add a Logo watermark to your video – You can now personally brand your videos […]

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VideoScribe 2.3.3 release notes


VideoScribe 2.3.3 was released on Monday 21 December 2015. Log in to your Sparkol account to start using this version. And read this post to find out about the latest improvements.

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VideoScribe 2.3.1 release notes


Great Scott! VideoScribe 2.3.1 was released on Wednesday 21 October 2015. Among other things, it introduces handy new hints for important tasks and fixes a rendering bug for large .mov files. Find out what else is new and download now.

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VideoScribe 2.3 release notes


VideoScribe 2.3 was released on Wednesday 16 September. It gives you more timeline accuracy, new rendering options and a whole new way to share your video with the world. Login to your Sparkol account now to upgrade.

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Try the VideoScribe 2.3 beta now


Great news folks. VideoScribe 2.3 has now launched in beta mode. The 2.3 beta introduces the option to render to our new video sharing site Plus lots more. Start using the VideoScribe 2.3 beta today.

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