Q&A: David Barneda, Scribey champ and boomerang explainer

Posted by Daniel Mehmet on October 9, 2019
Daniel Mehmet

When David Barneda found out he'd won the Scribey award for innovation, he said: "Thank you! Great news! Did I mention it was my first scribe?" Beginner's luck or genius scriber? We had to find out.

David Barneda is an LA-based illustrator and animator. His judges' choice award-winning scribe How to Throw a Boomerang shows how great whiteboard animation is at explaining things.

We asked David a bit about his Scribey award-winning animation.

Kudos to you David - 'Boomerang' is brilliant work! Where did the idea come from?

I'd done an infographic poster on how to throw a boomerang and I thought it would make for a good video.

Is the scribe purely for fun or is it a promo for something?

Just for fun. I wanted to experiment and use my drawings in this media.


Did you have to throw many boomerangs for 'research'?

Yes, some throwing - but mostly watching the pros throw boomerangs and listening to what they had to say. I wrote the script myself though.

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Was it a team effort? Who did that awesome voiceover?

The music and voiceover were done by Peter Hosking. He was great! I did the rest.

What's up next for you and VideoScribe?

I've had some ideas for a video about chess and one about the long jump - but right now they're just at the idea stage.

Lovely talking to you David - can't wait to see that long jump video


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