Q&A: David Barneda, Scribey champ and boomerang explainer

When David Barneda found out he'd won the Scribey award for innovation, he said: "Thank you! Great news! Did I mention it was my first scribe?" Beginner's luck or genius scriber? We had to find out.

David Barneda is an LA-based illustrator and animator. His judges' choice award-winning scribe How to Throw a Boomerang shows how great whiteboard animation is at explaining things.

We asked David a bit about his Scribey award-winning animation.

Kudos to you David - 'Boomerang' is brilliant work! Where did the idea come from?

I'd done an infographic poster on how to throw a boomerang and I thought it would make for a good video.

Is the scribe purely for fun or is it a promo for something?

Just for fun. I wanted to experiment and use my drawings in this media.


Did you have to throw many boomerangs for 'research'?

Yes, some throwing - but mostly watching the pros throw boomerangs and listening to what they had to say. I wrote the script myself though.

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Was it a team effort? Who did that awesome voiceover?

The music and voiceover were done by Peter Hosking. He was great! I did the rest.

What's up next for you and VideoScribe?

I've had some ideas for a video about chess and one about the long jump - but right now they're just at the idea stage.

Lovely talking to you David - can't wait to see that long jump video


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