NUS Extra Student Discount

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Being a student is a special status to be celebrated – you’ve hit the books, invested in something you’re truly passionate about and eaten more pizza than you thought possible. Let us reward all that effort with a little something extra on your journey to academic greatness.

We know it can be hard to make your work really stand out. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with NUS Extra to offer Card Holders an exclusive 33% discount!

Who are NUS Extra?

The TOTUM card from NUS Extra is a fabulous discount card especially for students, with over 200 offers on UK brands. The ultimate study-boosting accessory, Videoscribe’s partnership gets you an awesome presentation tool with a whopping discount. NUS have secured an amazing package of other deals just like ours that will really make a difference. Believe it or not, they’ve even sorted your much deserved holidays by including a 1 year free ISIC for those international trips.

Purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year card and bag your bargains both in store and online. In a few clicks, you could be making your own tidy animations to impress the professor like never before. With a yearly subscription, you’ll have gained an easy to use yet incredibly effective tool to really up your game. Whether you’re studying pottery or perfecting your French, getting your message across has never been more fun than with slick whiteboard drawings.


What can students do with VideoScribe?

Whatever your learning style, Videoscribe has got your back. Visual learners will love the huge image library filled with relevant and stylish pictures to illustrate your point. Add audio with a voice over or music to please those Aural learners. It’s a great way to capture your audience’s imagination and keep them focused after a long day in the library. Making presentations is something most students have to face, and what better way to ace your group work? Bring a cutting edge but user-friendly tool to the table and suddenly everyone will want to pull their weight.

Our whiteboard animation software doesn’t require any magic powers or special editing skills. As a revision tool, it can be a powerful way to embed facts into your memory when nothing’s sinking in. Hearing your ideas play out in front of you brings them to life and reminds you just how much you’ve learnt. Rather than scribbling in your notebook, your own videos can be re-played just when you need them.

Being top of the class is impressive, but the job market can require something different to get noticed. That’s where your subscription pays off yet again. Whip out a CV made on Videoscribe and you’ll be remembered by potential employers in an instant. If you’re an ingenious student looking for a personal touch that speaks volumes about you and your skills, then get scribing!