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5 Strategies to Boost Student Engagement with Video

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Today’s students are now some of the biggest consumers of video. Watching in the millions through sharing sites and social media as these platforms embrace video at breakneck speed. Using video to learn even the most abstract topics has become the norm for children who’ve grown up with this technology at their fingertips. It seems […]

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1000+ New Images Added to the VideoScribe Library

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We always want you to love using VideoScribe which is why we take your feedback so seriously. Recently we’ve had more requests for certain images to be added to the library and we’re here to tell you that we heard you! Our graphic designers have been busy creating over 1000 brand new images covering a […]

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How Explainer Videos Improve Student Engagement and Results

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Attention is a limited resource at the best of times, and as a teacher it can feel that the hardest part of your job is getting and keeping the attention of your students. Educational Consultant, Tristan de Frondeville coined the concept of ‘dead time’ in an Edutopia Article, he said:  “Getting all your students focused, […]

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How to Storyboard an Explainer Video [Free Template]

Storyboard for Explainer Video

Explainer videos are arguably one of the hardest types of video to create. You only have between 30-120 seconds to communicate your message and leave a lasting impression. So how do you make those seconds count? The secret is in how you plan your video. In our last blog post we discussed the 8 steps […]

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8 Steps to Plan a Killer Explainer Video


So you want to create an explainer video to spread the word about your business or a cause but don’t know where to start? We get it, when you’ve got so much you want to say, squeezing it into a short video can feel impossible. But don’t worry, not only is it absolutely achievable but […]

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