How to get VideoScribe Pro free for a year


Did you know that you can get £140 by introducing just 5 people to VideoScribe Pro? That’s enough to cover the cost of a year’s VideoScribe for yourself. Simply share your unique link with friends and colleagues to start making money today.

Log in to your account to find your affiliate link. Every VideoScribe user has one – even free trial users. Get your contacts to click through to the Sparkol website via your link. If they buy VideoScribe, we pay you money.

You’ll receive from £7 for a Monthly subscription to £40 for every One-off. The Yearly payout has just doubled to £28 for every subscription sold.

It would only take 5 of those to cover your own Yearly licence. And there is no limit to how much you can make.

Existing affiliates

If you’re already using your affiliate link, we’ve got some great news for you.

We doubled the payout for Yearly sales from 1 August 2014, from £14 to £28. So if you already have signups this month – congratulations!

And we’ve just launched shiny new banners to advertise your link:

VideoScribe Leaderboard

You can preview the new designs and find the embed codes in your account.

We have even more ideas about how to make the affiliate scheme work for you – so keep an eye out for those. Suggestions always welcome on the Community or Facebook.