VideoScribe v3.2 release notes

Version v3.2

We’ve just released VideoScribe v3.2 and it’s now ready for you to download from your account page. Here’s a summary of what’s new. New timeline quick menu and additional options We’ve introduced a new timeline quick menu which allows you to easily set element timings and control camera position directly from the timeline. This replaces the previous […]

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Back to school image packs

Science and Flag images

  Back to school image packs We’re diving in this September and celebrating the new school year with our brand new image packs! Explore our library and find 30 new science images in both full colour and VideoScribe highlight. Plus, we’ve added 50 more flags to the World folder, so we now have a total […]

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VideoScribe v3.1.1 release notes

VideoScribe v3.1.1

We’ve just released VideoScribe v3.1.1 and it’s now ready for you to download from your account page. Here’s a summary of what’s new. We hope you are enjoying the new content we added to v3.1.0 earlier this month. This time we’ve been building improvements on performance and the user interface, as well as fixing a few […]

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VideoScribe v3.1.0 release notes

VideoScribe Version 3.1.0

We have just released VideoScribe v3.1.0 and it can be downloaded from your account page. Here’s a summary of what’s included in this release. Updated image folders and over 200 new images We have updated our folders in VideoScribe to make sure that our fresh new images are easy for you to find and even […]

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New images – International Football Tournament 2018

Football Cup

Football Fever Football Fever is about to grip the World as the very best talents prepare to put on their nations’ shirt and do battle this summer. Here at Sparkol, the frenzy has hit early and we’ve added 142 new football images to the VideoScribe Library especially to help you share your story.  The new pack contains […]

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VideoScribe v3.0.9-3 release notes


  VideoScribe v3.0.9-3 is a patch update for VideoScribe v3.0.9. This small update addresses a bug with the Fade In feature and can be downloaded from your account page. Fade In issue with zero animate time element now fixed We have fixed the bug where Fade In elements with zero animate time were sometimes preventing scribe renders […]

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Release notes for VideoScribe v3.0.8-5

Release v3.0.8-5

VideoScribe v3.0.8-5 was released on 12th March 2018 and is now available to download from your account page. support for Fade in The rendering service has been updated to support scribes using the new Fade In animation method. Performance improvements We’ve improved the way VideoScribe recalculates the timings displayed on the timeline. This significantly improves performance […]

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International Women's Day Explained

What is International Women’s Day? “We cannot all succeed when half of us are held back” – Malala Yousafzai. On March 8th, people around the world will be commemorating the women’s rights movement and celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women! Women, throughout history, have played a vital role in developing society, […]

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Release notes for VideoScribe v3.0.8-4

Release v3.0.8

Amendment – 12/03/2018 We have resolved the new bug found in v3.0.8-4 by removing one of the components of that release. The updated v3.0.8-5 of VideoScribe was released today, amended release notes for this version can be found here. Our advice to anyone who is using v3.0.8-4 of VideoScribe is to upgrade to v3.0.8-5. Links to […]

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Release notes for VideoScribe v3.0.7

Release v3.0.7

VideoScribe v3.0.7 was released on 21st February 2018 and is now available to download from your account page. New ‘Fade In’ animate method Fade is one of the most asked for feature requests and we are delighted to say that it has become a reality with this release. It’s available on images and text (with the exception of […]

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