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Scribing Tip – How to get Arabic words to draw well

arabic thumb

We have had many questions about how to get Arabic and other languages to draw well in VideoScribe. As these languages are not currently supported in VideoScribe, we have created a video to show you how to get the words you need. We use InkScape in this tutorial which is a great vector tool with the added […]

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Tips From Rosanne, A #likemyscribe Competition Winner


We chatted with Rosanne Lambert, our very first #likemyscribe competition winner about her scribe and how to make a winning video. Take a look at our Q&A below: Since you won the #likemyscribe competition we have had a number of people asking how you achieved certain effects in your scribe. At 0.07 seconds, an animation bounces in (character swamped with paperwork and […]

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58 New Vehicles Available In VideoScribe


Howdy folks. We have another image update for you to get scribing with. This update contains a whole new host of vehicles for you to choose from. We have 58 new images in total covering a wide range of vehicle types including civilian and military. So whether you’re a balloon fan, like quad bikes, motocross […]

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New Weather images now available

It has been a busy and productive couple of days here but we are glad that we can announce the release of another image pack to the VideoScribe Library. We thought that our weather images could do with a little freshening up so we have updated it with 26 new images.  You may have seen some of them being […]

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New Maps available in VideoScribe

As April draws to a close we are pleased to announce we have another 23 brand new map images for you. We have included the main habitable continents as well as a number of atlases and even a globe image. We have added a number of maps you may find useful including maps of the European Union […]

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New scenery images available in VideoScribe

    As April approaches we thought we could freshen up our Scenery folder with some new images. We have 31 new and unique images from a range of settings available to use in VideoScribe. From classrooms to stadiums, there is a lot more choice when deciding the backdrop of your scribe. The image above is […]

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VideoScribe 2.3.7 release notes

VideoScribe 2.3.7 was released on 15th February 2017. Log in to your Sparkol account now to start using this latest version. Here’s what’s new in 2.3.7. Log in to your Sparkol account to download VideoScribe 2.3.7 What’s new in 2.3.7? Choose between English and Spanish languages within VideoScribe. For more information, please see this Instant […]

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Improvements to VideoScribe image libraries

Sparkol VideoScribe contains thousands of images. We update the image libraries to ensure that our community gets the best experience using VideoScribe. Recently you may have noticed some additional image packs, we will continue to add images into VideoScribe on a regular basis. Please let us know what images you would like to see by putting […]

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